Artist Statement

Within my art practice I pursue several trajectories, each exploring existence, behaviors and communication. Each series explores a fragmented narrative that purposely invites the viewer to do a double take and reconsider the outcome. Even though the work is mostly figurative, the fabrication process is a key component to extending the narrative.


Currently, I am working on the series "Staged", an exploration of plot twists in everyday drama. Shakespeare had stated that "all the world is a stage and we are but players", I asked myself what would the storyline look like if given several alternatives. In an elegant mash-up of Thomas Eakins fragmented photos coupled with Marisol's wood construction, I fabricated the stories players. The players begin as flat props, which alternate between having three-dimensional parts or calving into another two-dimensional panel. Contained on the panels are the alternate narratives that unfold the darker tale of events. The work is constructed using wood panels, altered mannequin parts, discarded molds and an assortment of medium producing layers through surface details as well as stacked elements. My process of researching obsolete contraptions, outdated medical devices and classic toys inform my modes of construction. Components glean from found objects, images and materials that evoke an antiquated, archaic quality that are combined employing traditional building and drawing techniques, or I incorporate digital media to achieve a comparable effect. Often, I depend upon materials to evoke an emotional response with my strategy being to tempt the viewer with a glimpse of humor, play, or interaction, but a darker note frequently accompanies this attraction.


As with my previous work that relies on constructed elements, the process of leaving the viewer to wonder about the narrative is impacted by the segmentation that occurs within each constructed piece. Each series develops from a previous project in an erector set fashion linking fragments to one another in a network of ideas. The ideas may collide or be tangent to one another, yet with childlike wonder the viewer often finds that what is believed to be obvious becomes a fantastical journey defined through abstraction.





Artist Stacey Wexler received her Bachelor's of Fine Art in ceramics from The University for the Arts in 1983 and was the recipient of several awards for artistic achievements, including the President's Purchase Award. She  graduated from Claremont Graduate University with a Master's of Fine Art in sculpting in 1985. Wexler’s work has been exhibited at venues throughout the United States and internationally, including Italy, Germany and Russia. After graduating she worked in the entertainment industry producing sets and props for twenty years, before attending Art Center College of Design with a specialization in computer graphics Currently, she is an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Art and Architecture at Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles CA and an associate faculty at Mt. San Jacinto College.

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